Spot Light Concussion Tracking

Spot Light is a compliance software tool that tracks a potential concussion from sideline to safe return to play Call to setup a demo: 614.918.SPOT (7768)

The Spot light system

The Spot Light System is a TBI/concussion tracking and compliance software solution for organized athletics. The Spot Light app and cloud based system allow the organizing entity to ensure that all potential TBI/concussive events are tracked, monitored, and the established return to play procedure is followed. By formalizing the TBI/concussive event tracking process, Spot Light allows an organization to protect athletes and minimize future compliance risk by establishing a digital paper trail of care.


    Bring the test to the sideline. Automatically document concussion from the time of injury to return-to-play.

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    - Symtom Severity
    - Physical Signs
    - Immediate Memory
    - Delayed Recall
    - Glasgow Coma
    - Maddocks (sideline)
    - Orentation
    - Balance Errors

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    Access and upload team rosters. View your assessments. Manage your account.

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