Spot Light, an Inlightened company product, is the market leading TBI/concussion compliance and “return to play” management solution for organized sports. Ensuring that from time of injury through proper treatment, TBIs/concussions receive the attention they deserve and dangerous repeat injuries are minimized. Spot Light enables communication between all responsible parties and ensures that safety rules are applied properly to protect the athlete.

Creation Story: The idea for Spot Light was born at a hack-a-thon on the campus of the Ohio State University by a team of entrepreneurs’ that wanted to improve the safety of contact sports that they love to play. The Spot Light Team has been personally touched by the tremendous impact that Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) or concussions have on athletes and worked to build a system that would ensure that every potential TBI was treated with the care it deserves from sideline to proper return to play (RTP).

After winning the hack-a-thon, the team of entrepreneurs started Inlightened llc. to complete the Spot Light build out through intense collaboration and market feedback from athletic trainers and experts in the field. Through this iterative process the current Spot Light System was born and a partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital was formed.

Spot Light and Nationwide Children’s Hospital share a deep interest in finding ways to make youth athletics safer through data and process. Spot Light’s collaboration with Nationwide Children’s has been crucial in its ability to make this a successful generation one product.

The Goal: Spot Light’s goal is to ensure that all potential TBIs/concussions are identified, tested, and tracked from the sideline to proper return to play.

Our Belief: Tracking = Better Treatment and that by ensuring that every potential TBI or concussion is monitored according to the sponsoring athletic bodies protocol, the risk that symptoms will be ignored and re-injury occurring is greatly reduced. Spot Light’s goal is to ensure that every brain injury is treated with the same level of respect that it deserves to ensure that the athlete’s future is protected.

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The Spot Light System is a TBI/concussion tracking and compliance software solution for organized athletics. The Spot Light app and cloud based system allow the organizing entity to ensure that all potential TBI/concussive events are tracked, monitored, and the established return to play procedure is followed. By formalizing the TBI/concussive event tracking process, Spot Light allows an organization to protect athletes and minimize future compliance risk by establishing a digital paper trail of care.


The App: The Spot Light app allows for the attending athletic trainer to easily conduct and record the results for the Scat 2 test (or other established test chosen by the AT). The App also contains past TBI/concussion history for the athlete, medical information that would affect the test, and emergency contact information for the athlete.

The Cloud: The backend cloud support system is the heart of the Spot Light system. The back end system allows for the organizing entity to upload team rosters and track possible TBIs/concussions from sideline through proper return to play, every step of the way. The web platform is the athletic trainer’s and organizing entity’s access point to the reports that show what players are eligible to play and the recovery progress of all injured athletes.

The System: When working as a system, Spot Light tracks a potential TBI/concussion from the sideline all the way to the point that the athlete is cleared to return to play. The Spot Light system ensures that every injury is monitored and no athlete returns to play without following the organizations return to play protocol.



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